Indochina Tipping Guide

When to tip - and how much should we tip? - are among the most common travel etiquette questions. Scroll through this Indochina Tipping Guide to know the expectations for tipping etiquette in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, to save your money and perhaps avoid any possible embarrassment.   Read more
Vietnamese's Ao Dai for Lunar New Year

Each country has a traditional clothing such as: Japanese with Kimonos clothing, Korea with Hanbok, etc. Vietnam traditional dress (Ao Dai) is one of the cultural symbols. The Vietnamese woman with Ao Dai makes impression on foreign visitors when traveling to Vietnam. Read more
4 Vietnam Festivals that you can't miss in Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year – is the occasion of many joyful festivals. If you are interested in cultural exploration, getting on a Vietnam tour and join in these festive Vietnam festivals. The following is 4 popular festivals in The Lunar New Year.  Read more
Love Hanoi by “specialties” of Autumn- Highlight of Hanoi tours

In late of September or early of October, around streets, when leaves yellow roads, weather gets colder it is also moment people recognize the autumn is coming. Hanoi autumn gets into poems, songs by its charm and gets into tourists’ memory by “specialties”- some of them tourists can experience if their visiting takes place in ... Read more