When to tip - and how much should we tip? - are among the most common travel etiquette questions. Scroll through this Indochina Tipping Guide to know the expectations for tipping etiquette in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, to save your money and perhaps avoid any possible embarrassment.


Tipping in Vietnam largely depends on the luxury level of the hotel or restaurant. While tips are never expected at backpacker hostels or street food stalls, they might vary among four-star or higher restaurants, etc.

Tipping restaurants and bars: In most restaurants, the added 10% service charge often goes to the owner's pocket, very little reaches to the servers. If the service is satisfactory, you may consider tipping the server 5-10% additional

Tipping hotel staffs: Porters often get a dollar per bag, chambermaids get a couple of dollars as tipping. You can leave on your bedside table on the last day during your trip.

Tipping tour guide: If you go on a Vietnam tour or hire a tour guide, a tipping amount of $2-$4 per day is advisable. In addition, Vietnamese guide will also appreciate a small gift as gratuity.

Tipping taxi driver: Tipping is not necessary. You may round up your fare to the nearest whole amount as locals do.


There are no tipping rules in Cambodia. Tipping in Cambodia is not obligatory but more than giving gratuity. Therefore, you should give whatever you are comfortable with to express your satisfaction on the services. If the service is lackluster, it is still okay not to tip extra.
Tipping at restaurants and bars: The baseline tip is 5%, but you can go as high as 10% if you receive phenomenal service. Alternatively, $1 per dinner is a reasonable tip.
Tipping tour guides: Similar to tipping in Vietnam, the suggested tips for tour guide is $2-$4 per day. If you have tour driver, give him $1-$2.
Tipping taxi driver: The usual deal is to round up or add $1 on top of the fare.
Tipping hotel staff: $1-$2 per bag for porters, bellhops and cleaning staffs.


Tipping is practically not a custom in Laos. Tipping is optional but it is expected in some Westernized establishments that cater to tourists.
Tipping at restaurants and bars: In top luxury restaurants in Vientiane, a tipping of 10% is expected. No need to tip in mid-range restaurants.
Tipping at restaurants and bars: If you are in a package tour, the suggested tipping amount is $3-$5 Laotian kips. 
Tipping taxi drivers: Taxi fares are often pre-negotiated then there is no need to tip taxi driver.
Tipping hotel staffs: In Laos, hotel staffs are less inclined to a tip. You should only tip the staff member that goes out of their way for you.


Tipping in Thailand is a matter of personal choice. You should never tip if you are not satisfied with the service.
Tipping at restaurants and bars: The better the establishments, the more likely tipping is exepected. Never tip at local eateries or street stalls, but do tip 10% at up marketplaces. At bars and nightclubs, tipping bartenders is optional. 20 Baht is appropriate is you have 1-2 drinks, but 50-100 Baht is advised if you were there for the whole evening.
Tipping tour guides: You are under no obligation to tip to tour guide, but the recommended tip for guides is $5-$10 per day.
Tipping taxi drivers: You don't have to tip taxi driver. Anyway, a small tip is acceptable for long journeys. 
Tipping hotel staff drivers: Porters and bellboys receive 20-50 Bahts, Cleaning staff receive around 20 Bahts per night. 
Never leave a one-baht coin as tip. This is considered to be an insult behavior to any service staffs because the denomination has little value.
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