Da Lat is known as one of the most romantic destinations for a couple, but Da Lat is also the heaven for travellers who like adventure travel and leisure travel. Da Lat with mild climate, beautiful landscape makes this small city the ideal destination for travellers. Don’t miss 7D top tourist attractions when having a Da Lat tour

1. LangBiang mountain

LangBiang mountain is the most attractive to many visitors with 2 mountains that called “He-mountain and She-mountain". The name LangBiang was derived from love story according to the legend of K’Ho ethnic. The boy named K’lang and the girl named Ho Biang, they were deeply in love each other but they were not allowed to get married by their family. After that, they had got married and moved the mountain to live. But unluckily, Biang was illness,  K’Lang had to come back the village to ask for help. The end of a sad story, Biang passed away because she had shielded her husband from a poison arrow. K’Lang was so sad and cried a lot, he can’t bear suffering and his tear made up a big stream. It’s called The Golden Stream. Their graves then grew into the two big mountains. To remember and admire this love story, the local people called LangBiang. LangBiang mountain fit for visitors who wanna discover, climb, adventure mountain and enjoy the atmosphere.  If standing on the top of the Lang Biang mountain, visitors can see the Golden Stream and the whole beauty landscape of Da Lat.



2. Xuan Huong Lake 

Xuan Huong lake is located the heart of Da Lat and also the ideal destination to enjoy the atmosphere in the early morning. Anyone who has a Da Lat tour wanna walk along the Xuan Huong lake to enjoy the unique cool weather and extreme peaceful scenery in here. Having a cup of coffee and looking the smooth surface of the lake is the amazing suggestion.

3. Valley of Love 

Valley of Love is the best destination for not only couples but also general visitors. It’s one of the most romantic scenery of this love city. Surrounded by the green pine forests, the beauty of the valley is so poetical that many couples to travel here for their honeymoon. Come here, visitors can admire the gorgeous flowers garden. This beautiful landscape is the place which celebrates Valentine’s Day every year.

4. Domaine de Marie Church

Domaine de Marie Church’s architecture is the combination of Vietnamese and French style. It represents 2 cultures. Especially, this church’s roofs look like the roofs of the communal house of Ethnic minority in Central highland. Inside this church, there is a the 3m-high-statue of Mary that was designed by Frech architect in 1943. People believe that this statue present Indochina governor's wife. When you have a Da Lat tour, make sure visit the Domaine de Marie Church to explore and worship.


5. Bao Dai Summer Palace

Da Lat is not only a loving city but also a French architectures' city. Bao Dai Summer Place was built under the dynasty of King Bao Dai from in 1933 to 1938. This palace was designed by Frech architect and Vietnamese architect. When coming here, visitors have a chance to explore the living of the royal family. There are 2 floors: The ground floor is used for working room, meeting room, reception room. The second floor is used for the living of the king and his family. Bao Dai palace is known as the most famous attractive destination of Da Lat.

6. Night Market 

Night Market in Da Lat is known as the beautiful scenery at night. It’s a good choice for visitors to shop for delicious foods, fresh foods, street foods, second - hand clothes, fashion, souvenirs and visitors even enjoy the street performance area. 


7. Dalanta waterfall 

Dalanta waterfall is only about 10km from Da Lat centre. It's an adventure destination. The name Dalanta means water under the leaves and bases on 3 legends. If coming Dalanta, visitors not only overlooking the magic waterfall but also join many activities such as climb the cliff, discover the forest and go along the stream to come to Prenn bridge, the alpine coaster, etc. Moreover, if visitors have good health and wanna challenge,  you should conquer 7 floors of Dalanta waterfall 

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