3 useful tips for foreigners to take part in traffic in Vietnam-Hanoi Fairtours

Traffic in VietNam, especially in some famous big cities like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh is always in traffic congestion status. Almost Vietnamese people seem be accustomed to traffic congestion, even miss it whenever they go to other places. Vietnam travel guide will give some necessary tips so that you can take part in […]


4 Best golf travel tips in Vietnam

If you are looking for a sport that you can play outside and enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while you are travelling, golf is one of the best choices for you. In particular, golf is suitable for both men and women as it does not require much physical strength. These following things will help […]



Motorbike or scooter is the most widely used means of transport in Vietnam. You will probably also use the services of buses, which are very widespread, also trains or taxis. If you use a motorbike for transport and Google Maps, watch out for road markings. Some small roads can be displayed as main roads, but when […]

Hanoi fairtour - Vietnam silk

Tailoring when traveling in Vietnam: Yes please!

Vietnam is an ideal destination not only for visiting famous attractions but also shopping or tailoring made from Vietnamese silk. There is a huge reservoir of skilled and knowledgeable workers who are able to do everything from shoe making, jewelry making, dress/ clothes making, suit craftmanship, and more, especially unique Vietnamese dress “Ao Dai”. Recent […]