Have you heard about the Lunar New Year before? Lunar New Year is one of the most important Vietnam holidays. This is the occasion when family members often gather and celebrate this festive season together. For travellers, this is also an ideal time to travel Vietnam as there are many festivals and exciting activities. Here are things that you should do and shouldn't do if you travel to Vietnam during the Lunar New Year.



- Book air and train tickets and hotels as soon as possible to avoid high price. Tet holiday is the time when domestic travel increases; therefore, transportation and hotels are often fully booked.

- Visit the Tet market and try to eat the Vietnamese traditional foods during the Tet such as Sticky rice cake, Pickled onions, Boiled chicken, etc.

- Visit popular sights in Ha Noi (such as Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, etc) and enjoy the Tet’s atmosphere.

- Visit Vietnam villages and take part in traditional activities. Tet is a delightful time to visit the countryside as moss villages often organize fascinating traditional activities. You can also join with them to discover Vietnam’s cultures.

- Give anything in red colours, such as lucky money, dried fruits (candied fruits) in a red box, etc as Vietnamese people believe that the red colour represents luck and prosperity.

- Say “Chuc Mung Nam Moi (“Happy New Year”) with a big smile when you see Vietnamese people.


- Come to the local house if not being allowed by house owners after the Lunar New Year Eve.

- Break the dishes, glasses, etc when staying in Vietnamese’s house in the first three days of The Lunar Year.

- Wear dark clothing or just black and white.

- Talk about negative topics such as accidents, deaths, or funerals in the Lunar New Year.

- Borrow money from other people


We hope that with the above DOs and DON'Ts when traveling to Vietnam in Lunar New Year, you will make the most of your Vietnam tour.

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