Hanoi is listed in the top ten with the fastest increase of tourist volume in the world according to survey of Mastercard.

The survey “the global destinations” is based annual increasing speed of tourist volume from 2009 to 2016 in 132 cities in the world.

Hanoi got the number of 16.4%, at the 7th in the list; Jakarta is no.5 with the number of 18.2%. With two destinations in top ten, it shows the importance of Southeast Asia with the role of potential tourism center.

The survey also points out that the tourism industry in Asia- Pacific doesn’t show the signs of slowing down when the volume of visitors is strongly increasing. In top ten cities with the highest number of international visitors, Asia- Pacific area has five representatives including Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

Countries in Asia- Pacific recoreds the highest expense of international tourists in 10 global destinations. With the revenue of US$91.16 billion from tourism in 2016, Asia- Pacific overcomes Europe (US$74.74 billion) and North America (US$55.02 billion).

Eric Schnieder, Vice Senior President of the Mastercard Advisory Board in Asia- Pacific region said that tourism in Asia- Pacific will continue becoming motivation for economic development in the area.

“Increase of business and relaxing tourism in the area requires government and private companies invest in intellegent netword, infrastructure to bring comfortable and wonderful experiences for tourists and residents. The cities which meet all demands will become a truly global destination and get economic profits from tourists”, Mr Schnieder said.


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