There are series of reasons to motivate tourists to travel in Vietnam and Vietnamese Cuisine is exactly one of typical one. Not only delicious, but also Vietnamese food, especially street food is so very creative that you can reserve one private tour to explore them when travelling in Vietnam. The 10 following dishes make tourists no longer think much about what they should eat in their Vietnam tour itinerary.

1 Pho


Pho is made up of a salty broth, fresh rice noodles; a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef, features predominately in the local diet and its price is quite cheap, tasty and available during the time.It comes no surprise when Pho always ranks the first in must-try food list in Vietnam because “Pho” is the well-known brand name for the whole Vietnam, but all over the world also. You are sure to like its taste of various regions that is preserved though generations.

2 Bun Cha


Pho could be the most popular dish but Bun Cha is the first choice in Vietnam for the lunchtime like Hanoi- the capital for example. Bun Cha is a subtle combination of white rice noodles, fried pork pie, Fish sauce, herb vegetables. Moreover, it becomes more delicious with fried crab spring rolls.

For your information to convince you that Bun Cha is typical dish that Obama chose to eat with Bourdain in Hanoi.

3 Xoi


Steamed sticky rice, the homely dish of Vietnamese people still remains from the past till now. Xoi is very meaningful for each person when it is popular to choose in the breakfast; fast but cheap and convenient.  This food is present all in Vietnam but Hanoi predominates more in mixs-in of slivers of chicken or fried pork or preserved eggs).

4. Banh Xeo


Vietnam Trip might be missing for tourists if they have not tried the typical taste of Vietnamese Crepe in the central style. The characteristics of the authentic Banh Xeo must include pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and Vietnam fish sauce and attached fresh vegetable

You can mix it up yourself by cutting into slices, roll it up in rice paper or lettuce leaves and dunk it in whatever special sauce.

5. Goi Cuon


The spring rolls has long been an indispensible dish in the menu of Vietnamese restaurants. The French call it by “Rouleaux de Printemps”, maybe the unique mixing of salad, sweetness of boiled shrimp with a little fish sauce

6. Bun Bo Nam Bo


The southern beef noodle has the characteristics of being very cool and suitable to enjoy it in the summer or winter.

Especially, enjoy the beef noodle in the right way have to eat a lot of raw vegetables such as salads, shiso, …It can feel the cool taste of southern beef noodles.

7. Cao Lau


Cao Lau is one of the most dishes making Hoi An to be favorite tourist attraction for tourists all over the world. It is associated with the image of the Hoi An Ancient Town. The dish are a combination of yellow noodles, prawns, pork (pork ribs, pork skin) and fresh local vegetables, crispy fried fat and very little broth.

8. Banh My


In Vietnam, bread has a simple concept because anyone can eat it with a very cheap price. However, the taste of Vietnamese bread is very sotisphicated with the perfect blend of fresh vegetables, rich sauce, meat or eggs.. Inside the loaf of crispy bread. Especially, you will be pleased to realize that there are many different types of bread for you to choose.

9 Bot Chien


Bot Chien is a street snack which is very favorable in Ho Chi Minh City, especially in the after-school and after mid night crowd.

Enjoy this kind of food, you should eat when it is still hot with sour sauce or soy source with garlic, chili.

Crispy Piece of soft cakes are mixed with covered fried egg with onion is the favorite dishes of Saigon youth

10 Ca Phe Trung


Egg Coffe is a unique on bearing with the bitter taste of coffee and the fatty taste of eggs.

Egg coffee is brewed quite simply. The bartender must choose fresh raw egg in order not to smell fishy. Coffee must also be got from a purest type of Vietnam, with a passionate aroma. Yolks are excluded and wiped with hand-woven until its smells are like a cake and then poured hot coffee in the middle of the cup. Egg emerges on top of the cup. The way to make egg coffee is not too complicated, but requires subtle skill. If you have the opportunity to Hanoi, tasting egg coffee once to remember forever.