Well-known for a number of attractive and ideal destinations for travellers, Vietnam indeed makes tourists find it more outstanding for top 3 hot magnificent scenic landscapes, which deserve tourists all over the world to check in, and shoot impressive images in Vietnam tour itinerary and save unforgettable memories in such a friendly country as well.

  1. Trang An, Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is an famous destination in Vietnam with the harmonious combinations of significant limestone foundations, winding rivers, mysterious caves of Trang An Scenic Landscapes. Also, more impressive things will be found in Hoa Lu Ancient Capital       under the Ding and Le dynasties and existance of Bai Dinh Pagoda, which is considered the largest pagodas in South East Asia with  a number of remaining historical relic complexs.


Hoa Lu Ancient Capital


Trang An Scenic Landscapes


Bai Dinh Pagoda

2. Sapa, Lao Cai

Youth is very timely to try  at least one time to come to Sapa in the northwest Vietnam where  it forms the most dramatic and mountainous region in the country with the number of landscapes of terraced fields, fertial river valleys and scatterd hill-tribe villages. In the freezing air of the early morning, beautiful sunshine and cozy atmosphere of the fire along with unique products which is unable to find anywhere, Sapa town welcomes tourists to enjoy a dramatic trip bearing outpouring of emotion with desired chance to overcome Fansipan Mount here (maybe by Cable car or trekking by yourself)- the rooftop of indochina. Besides, tourists also contemplate some other landscapes like Ham Rong Moutain, Stone Church , Silver Waterfall…


Fansipan Mount

3. Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam

Hoi An Ancient Town owns the antique beauty like its called name, visitors can shoot beautiful pictures in these following places.

Japanese Bridge: built long in the past with harmonious combination of Vietnamese-Chinese-Janpanese and western architecture.


Hoai River: try to boat trip on the Hoai River in the evening, especially on the full-moon night when lanterns are released.


Cu La Cham: free to go sightseeing to catch magnificient views of rivers and mountains and of course, Photo will be taken in such a impressive destination.