Da Nang appeals to tourists with awesome spaces in the mountain, under the sea or even in the forest and international quality of services in hotels and resorts. Maybe because it has a number of similar characteristics to the hometown of Portugal Sports Star- Cristiano Ronaldo so he very likes it. Not only that, He also made a decision to book an apartment in Danang.

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In the event” Cocobay into the World” on 27th of April, 2017, Cristiano officially signed to book an apartment of Cocobay Danang and very happy to say “ Cocobay, My home in Vietnam”

Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that He war allured by the diverse culture of Asia and love Vietnam where it owns almost these values. Through word of mouth from his friends, Everything in Danang makes him remind of where he was born and he felt there are similar connections between Danang and Madeira, his hometown. We together find out the reasons Cristiano Ronaldo love Danang, Vietnam so much  like this in these following comparisons:

Blessed with the subtle beauty of nature, the Madeira Archipelago is fascinating by the lava cliffs emerging on the shoreline with the majestic and romantic scenery. With the sandy beach and the clear blue water, you will have moments to swim, relax on coming here.



Similar to Madeira, Da Nang is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam with full of mountains, rivers, and sea. This place impresses a number of visitors by the majestic Hai Van pass, Son Tra Peninsula. Along with Ngu Hanh Son, Han River and Co Co River across the city, and famous for green beaches which are voted by Forbes Magazine (USA) as one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet.


Son Tra Peninsula

In addition to its poetic beauty, Madeira owns unique cultural heritages with pristine laurel forests, which were recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999. The forest is home to 39 types of rare and precious plants and animals, Among them, there are many endemic species.


Laurel Forest

Most of the visitors come in Danang will stop to visit the famous scenery of Hoi An Ancient Town, recognized by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Hoi An is one of the ancient cities that remains almost intact old images. Around the 16th and 17th centuries, this place was known as the prosperous trading port and the big trading center of the Southeast.


Hoi An Ancient Town

CR7’s Madeira Madeira is famous for its agricultural markets and tropical fruits. Coming here, you will enjoy carne bonito alhos – pork chopped whole with garlic, vinegar, laurel leaves; and Picado – beef with potato chips.


Danang is popular with fresh seafood and a various type of specialties of the coastal city.


Madeira is also impressive visitors by owning luxury beach hotels, 5-star restaurants, Michelin, professional health spa and vibrant entertainment activities.


At a new apartment in Danang, Vietnam, the Cocobay Towers are located in one of Southeast Asia’s leading tourist and entertainment complexes – Cocobay Danang, which also embraces the beauty of long beaches, the Ngu Hanh Son, romantic Co Co river. Around the tower are many certificated restaurants, shopping centers, and exciting entertainment.


Co Co Bay Tower

Madeira and Danang are also renowned with official places to celebrated international fireworks completion. These are some main reasons, Danang was caught attention by Cristiano Ronaldo and deserve to be a must-visit tourist spot in Vietnam tour itinerary.