1. How can I trust the quality of the tours that I buy from Indochina Charm Tours?

Indochina Charm Tour has been established since 2004, being known as top ranking inbound tourism Company in Vietnam and the leading experts in providing all the services for each holiday to Indochina: Vietnam – Laos - Cambodia by hand picking the best guides, accommodations, vehicles available. Our sales staffs are there to ensure that you book the right holiday that is tailored to your needs and they are willing to recommend the ideal places for you base on their experienced years. All our guides have plenty of experiences and a wealth of knowledge all about the destinations. They are particularly passionate about their job. That’s why almost 98% of our clients get high satisfaction with their holiday by receiving best experiences from our qualified services and keep coming back for more!

2. Will I be traveling on a private tour or in a group?

The majority of our tours are on a private basis so it’s just you, your family, friends or group, and your local guide. No long queues or waiting around for people to take photos, you can ask the questions you want to know and really get to know the country. By traveling on a private basis you are less obtrusive when visiting local villages etc and you can really decide on what you want to see and cut out anything that is not of any interest. After all it’s your holiday and valuable time so make sure you get the most out of it!

3. How do I book and pay?        

  • Bookings:

Once you have found a tour that you would like to book, please click on “Booking” and fill in your booking details (the dates that you would like to go, the number of people, any special requests). Once we confirm the availability, we will send you an email to confirm and a link for secure online credit card payment.

  • Payments:

- We directly receive cash payment when you purchase services at our office in Vietnam.

- For customers who purchase services on our website or customized tours, we might accept payment by credit card and bank transfer

Credit Card: You provide us your credit card details. Our bank will inform you in advance of purchase of any credit card fees that may apply. Confirmation will be sent after payment.

Bank transfer: Bank transfers can be made from your bank account abroad. We will provide you with our banking details at the time of confirmation of the booking.   

If you would like to pay by a method other than credit card (cash or bank transfer), please inquire with us directly

- All our quotes are in USD so we will take X amount from your credit card/bank account on the day the 20% deposit and full payment is due. Due to the fluctuating exchange rates the amount of your trip will fluctuate daily unitl a deposit payment is received.



We have uploaded a few sample itineraries to fit your taste but as they are just suggestions its best to email us directly with your requirements so we can help you to get the perfect tailor made tour. Once you have agreed on an itinerary we will ask for a 20% deposit and start making reservations for you. Once all reservations have been made we will confirm back to you. The final balance is due 8 weeks before your holiday.



1. How can I request for an early check-in or late check-out time?

Early check-in or late check-out be requested directly with the hotel. Extra charges might be applied.

2. What does your hotel price include?

The hotel prices on our website include all tax and service charge. However room rate may include or exclude breakfast depending on hotel policy.

3. How do I receive the hotel confirmation?

After we have confirmed the availability of the hotel, we will fax or email you final confirmation.

4. What if need to cancel or change my reservation?

If you need to make changes or cancel your itinerary, please contact a customer service representative directly.

5. How can I book a hotel room?

Simply select the hotel in which you would like to stay (or email or call us with your requests and we will make recommendations). Once you have selected a hotel, proceed with “Booking” and please fill out all customer information, as well as any special requests.

We will confirm the availability of the hotel.

6. What standards of hotels should I expect?

The standard of hotel depends on the package you have chosen. Basic accommodation is Standard (3 stars), Superior (4 stars) and Deluxe hotels (5 stars).



1. How can I book a domestic or an international airline flight?

Currently, we cannot check availability of these flights online. To inquire about a flight, please either book the flight with payment information and we will wait to charge you until after the flight has been confirmed, or inquire online with customer service or by email , or by phone at +84 4 39745656 of Hanoi Office.

2. When do you need to pay?

Payment is due on confirmation of the flight either by credit card, bank transfer, secure online payment or cash (for those living in Vietnam). Please note that The airline reserve the rights to change the fares at any time, and taxes and airport fees can also be changed at any time.

You are obliged to be paid for before or at the time of delivery of the ticket. Some airline carriers allow us to hold bookings for a limited period of time before paying for the ticket and issuing it. Your credit card will not be billed until we confirm availability of the flights and confirm that you would like to purchase and issue the ticket.

3. What if need to cancel or change my itinerary?

If you need to make changes or cancel your itinerary, please contact a customer service representative directly. Charges will depend on the policies of the airline with which you are booked. We will inform the cancellation policy of the airline before you purchase your tickets

4. Will you ever ask for more money than originally quoted?

All our quotations are in USD so we will take X amount from your credit card/bank account on the day payment is due. Due to fluctuating exchange rates the amount taken from your bank account will change on a daily basis if you bank account is not in USD.

For tours and hotels, once the services have been confirmed we will not ask for any more money unless there is an increase beyond our control. For more information please see our terms and conditions.

For flights, we will inform you of the fare at the time that you inquire about the booking, but the fare is not guaranteed until the time that you issue the ticket. We therefore suggest that you pay in advance so that we can issue the ticket and guarantee the cost of the flight.

5. How will I receive my travel documents?

As soon as your booking is confirmed and full payment has been made we will email you a service voucher along with any hotel vouchers. Most airlines now issue electronic tickets which are convenient and for those who do not we can issue for free of charge in HCMC and Hanoi and for those coming in from abroad we will arrange for them to be delivered to your hotel on arrival or give them to your tour guide.

6. What if need to cancel or change my itinerary?   

You’re allowed to change your dates, if needed, at no additional cost as long as you give sufficient advance notice and availability exists.

In terms of cancellations of the tours usually involve a cancellation fee based on cancellation policy which depends on how far in advance that you cancel. Please inquire directly for the change or cancellation policy for any particular tour!

7. Can I find cheaper prices if I wait and book directly when in country?

In Vietnam, there are a range of budget tour operators that compete with bargain bottom-dollar prices, so you can always find a better price for any of these tours. You pay for what you get.

At Indochina Charm Tour, however, we believe that it is important that you have a good experience as at the end of the day who wants to cut corners and risk ruining a once in a lifetime opportunity? We ensure that your holiday is carried out with minimum impact to the environment, (for more information about our responsible travel guidelines please click here) we pay our guides well so that they enjoy their job, they all speak very good english and we ensure all our vehicles are of a good standard. We book restaurants that are of a high quality and take time to do routine hotel inspections.

Please also bear in mind that Vietnam is a popular place for tourists and many hotels, flights etc get booked up months in advance, so to avoid disappointment and the chance of spending your holiday tying to book your holiday, we recommend booking as much in advance as possible, then you can sit back and relax.

8. What if I have special needs for the tour?                                                                               

If you have further special requirements – for example, if you have a large group or young children, if you are handicapped or have physical limitations, if you have special transportation needs, or if you are vegetarian or have other food allergies – please do not hesitate to  let us know so that we can work with each other to ensure that we can meet your needs.

9. What happens if something goes wrong? Do you have an out of office phone number?

We try our very best to ensure the smooth running of your trip but some things are taken out of our hands. Before your holiday we will email you out of hours emergency contact numbers so that in the unlikely event of a problem occurring you can always contact one of our staff. We also provide you with the cell phone number of your consultant so that if there is a problem you can call them and they will be able to help.

All our guides are first aid trained and if there is a medical problem we will help to get you the assistance you need (providing you have adequate medical insurance). We ensure that we have your emergency contact information for someone at home so they can be contacted if necessary.

There is also a western customer service manager should require their services.

For any more questions please email and someone will get back to you shortly.