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11 activities travelers should not miss when visiting Hoian

If you have listed Hoian in your places to go in your Vietnam trip but still don’t know what to do, where to go. Take a look to this article to understand more the reasons why this old town reaches “top 9 most romantic cities in the world”, “most attractive city in the world” and so on. In 2017, Hoi An continues ... Read more
How to get Cambodia from Vietnam in your Indochina tours?

Both Vietnam and Cambodia are famous world places for who travels to Indochina where anyone should not miss during an awesome trip. Besides, Vietnam and Cambodia share a long border. For those reasons, the crossings have increased yearly and most of travelers choose to get Cambodia from Vietnam or contrary. There are variety ways to choose: by ... Read more
Tips for dreamlike experience in Halong bay- Overnight on cruise

Someone said that “if you don’t spend your night on cruise in your Halong trip, it seems you haven’t got there”. The poetry of sunset among the sails and the moment of sunrise give tourist chance of wallowing in immensity of the bay. It’s time for raising question: How can tourists gets best memory there? Read more
Enjoy a beautiful and authentic Hanoi city tour like a local

It is obviously many visitors to Hanoi wish to have an exploring experience in “an open air amongst the traffic” rather than by bus or taxi, the very first time weaving through the street with the feeling so called “motorbike culture” in Hanoi. Let's see how amazing Hanoi city tour is through the local's way, ... Read more
Experience the Best Things to Do in Dalat, Vietnam

Visiting Dalat, you can not only enjoy the romantic sceneries of Dalat tourist attractions but also experience with the most enjoyable activities here. Let’s try the Best Things to Do in Dalat below, you will never regret! Read more
2 Days Trekking in Sapa Mountains An Unforgettable Experience

Step by step we conquered one more hill, the view was stunning. The long walk and the beauty of Sapa mountains in Vietnam took my breath away. I was tired but in ecstasy. During our 2 days trekking in Sapa mountains we passed by the ancient rice terraces, discovered tiny villages, learning about minority tribes and their way of living. A dream ... Read more
Hoi An Vespa Tour - The Best Way to Explore The City

Hoi An is our favourite destination in Vietnam. The ancient culture, the relaxed atmosphere, the food… Sometimes you feel like you are in a different country, not in the crazy Vietnam. The pace of life in Hoi An is different, slowly, people talk to you calmly and the traffic is normal, perfect to enjoy the Hoi An Vespa tour. Rice fields ... Read more
Tips for your first time to Vietnam

Enthralling and enraging in equal amounts, Vietnam's long-held position as a travel icon is more than deserved. In no other country is the collision of Southeast Asia's past, present and future so stark. At times, this clash can seem so confronting and confusing as to send even experienced travelers fleeing for the nearest luxury ... Read more
Preparing for a motorbike trip in Vietnam

Vietnam on a motorcycle is a great adventure and experience. Enjoy your wonderful travel experience while traveling on a motorbike in Vietnam!  Read more
Exploring Vietnam on a motorbike? Why not?

When coming to Vietnam, beside big cities’ well-known tourism destinations, many foreign travelers love spending their time chasing the wind on the road of the wildly mountainous areas by motorbike.  Read more
Eight infinity swimming pools in Vietnam you should visit at least one time

The infinity pool, also known as the cloud pool, has been considered a breakthrough in the design of the swimming pool architecture. The pool is... Read more
8 ways to avoid mosquito bites when travelling to Vietnam in rainy season

Summer is the time for awesome holiday with relaxation and nice weather. However, your holiday is always being threatened by mosquitoes! Check out these useful tips below to avoid mosquito bites when travelling to Vietnam! Read more
Top things to do in Sapa

One of the most famous sightseeing in the north of Vietnam is Sapa, with the height around 1500-1650m above sea level. Sapa is a charming land, quiet but varies wonderful of natural scenes. Sapa is also a nest of hill tribe as: Black H'Mong, Red Dzao, Xa Pho, Tay, Zay...etc. Travel to Sapa, leave all your daily life behind and enjoy the fresh ... Read more
Vietnam tour: Explore Hanoi in only one day?

Start a new day with night flower market, and then after sunrise, visit historic buildings, and later relax with coffee or beer at night. Read more

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