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Best things to do in Mekong Delta

If you like the peaceful countryside and enjoy the simple life, let’s get a Mekong Delta tour. It’s not only the most famous significant with rice paddy fields but also a popular destination for tourists. When having a Mekong Delta tour, visitors enjoy feeling the unique culture, listening the traditional Vietnamese music and taking ... Read more
Travel to Vietnam during the Lunar New Year: DOs AND DON'T

Have you heard about the Lunar New Year before? Lunar New Year is one of the most important Vietnam holidays. This is the occasion when family members often gather and celebrate this festive season together. For travelers, this is also an ideal time to travel Vietnam as there are many festivals and exciting activities. Here are things that you ... Read more
How to travel Vietnam & Cambodia in 10 days ?

10 days is an ideal duration for you to see highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia, from the ancient Hanoi capital, the natural wonder of Halong Bay, the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, the rustic Mekong Delta to the magnificent temples of Angkor. Scroll through this suggested 10 days itinerary to find out best things to do in Vietnam and Cambodia and ... Read more
Vietnam Tourist Visa Guide

“How to apply for visa” is one of the very first questions that come to mind when one prepares for his or her trip, not except Vietnam tours. Most of visitors to Vietnam require to obtain a Vietnam visa and Passports must be valid 6 months after their planned exit from Vietnam. Take a look at following Vietnam visa tips. Read more
Best Free Apps That Backpackers must have for traveling Indochina

Let’s face it, apps have changed the way people travel. Check the ultimate list of the best FREE backpacking apps for traveling in Indochina. Read more
5 Unique Experiences You Should Do In Danang!

The city of Da Nang is the third largest in Vietnam and has had a tragic yet fascinating history. Such a pity, because lots of people just don’t realise that there are so many amazing things to do in Da Nang! If you’re looking for unique or adventure activities, Da Nang should be on your list. Here is a list of those that you ... Read more
What can you buy for USD1 in Vietnam?

$1 can exchange for more than 22,000 VND according to current monetary exchange rate publiced by Vietnam banks. Even though the cost of living in Vietnam has increaseed tremendously in recent years, you can still buy various goods to consume by yourself during your Vietnam tour or as souvenirs for your friends and relatives. Below is a quick ... Read more
New Year Eve: What to do for your Vietnam tour?

Western New Year’s Eve is considered as the best time to party.This holiday is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. If you still don’t know how to celebrate a new prosperous year when having a holiday in Vietnam, don’t miss the article below. Read more
Vietnam Tour During Lunar New Year Festival

As a traveler for a Vietnam tour, there are certain things that you probably should know about like whether your upcoming holiday in Vietnam will coincide with this grandest event of the year, which Vietnam tourist spots are most interesting to visit or what are special food during this time.  Read more
3 days or 2 days on Ha Long bay cruise - Which one is better for your Vietnam tour?

You are confusing to book 3 days 2 nights (3D2N) itinerary or 2 days 1 night (2D1N) one. Which one is long enough and sufficiently interesting for your experience on this impressive attraction. Here are compararison and some sharing that can facilitate  you to choose the right itinerary. Read more
Planning a trip to Vietnam: How to get Vietnam by airway?

The development of tourism and transportation are closely to each other. It is reason why Vietnam government invests in building and improving airports for matching demand of number of tourists increase sharply yearly. This article aims at provide you list of international airports in Vietnam which helping you when planning a trip to Vietnam to ... Read more
Reasons why travel to Vietnam with kids

Family holiday is always special time for family members to get close to each other so choosing a destination to go is very important. The children can learn a lot from a rich culture country after relaxing time in beautiful beaches. This article will explain why many families choose travel to Vietnam with kids. Read more
Vietnam holiday for couples: Wedding photo trip, why not?

Have you ever thought about an abroad trip which combines with taking wedding photos? Following this article to discover destinations for new trend of Vietnam holiday for couples Read more
Vietnam tours: discover Halong bay by your own way

Being recognized 3 times as the Natural Wonder of the world for it values by UNESCO, Halong Bay is a worth-visiting landscape that you should not miss when traveling on Vietnam tours. Visiting this natural wonder, you will have opportunities to not only witness the breathtaking scenes of nature but also enjoy numerous interesting things to do ... Read more
Planning a trip to Vietnam in winter: Things to do in Hanoi as Hanoian

Winter in Hanoi is typical for winter in the north of Vietnam, a “specialty” of Hanoi. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam this winter, should not miss Hanoi as well as below activities to feel Hanoi as a Hanoian. Read more
Money in Vietnam: Handy tips on currency exchange for your Vietnam tours

Whenever you travel to, especially for a long trip, money exchange should become one of your considerable concerns whether you have a national or international bank account. As to facilitating your Vietnam tour packages, here is a few useful tips to necessarily keep in mind when you are traveling in Vietnam. Read more
Travel tips for your tours to Vietnam Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia tour is good choice for all tourists from couple to family and group, from budget to luxury. Vietnam and Cambodia are the best countries in Indochina to discover unique culture and precious history that you cannot find in other parts of the world. Even your duration is short or long, your tours to Vietnam Cambodia with ... Read more
Vietnam holiday for couples: Adventurous suggestion

For couples who choosing Vietnam for warming love, there is not only romantic beaches and resorts with easeful moment, joining in adventurous activities and tours is also amazing way of spending Vietnam holiday for couples. This writing will be useful for who are looking for those kinds of activities and places. Read more
Five most  beautiful resorts in Phu Quoc island for your Vietnam honeymoon tours

In the recent years, many resorts in Phu Quoc island are being opened, which makes Phu Quoc island become resort heaven with facilities from luxury to standard, especially for couple spending their Vietnam honeymoon tours.  Read more
Holiday to Vietnam on Christmas time: What is special?

If you are planning for Vietnam trips during Christmas time, especially in main cities like Hanoi and Sai Gon, you will have opportunity to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere which have spread and covered almost every corner. Read more
6 reasons why tourists travel to Vietnam

Number of tourist come to the country in “S” shape sharply rise year by year and this writing will answer for question why international tourists love to travel to Vietnam: beautiful landscapes, friendly people, rich of culture and so on. Read more
“Mark” your Vietnam trip by visiting beautiful beaches in Danang

When tailoring Vietnam trip, many tourists choose Danang and when taking about Danang, the first image comes to tourist’s mind always a coastal city with many beautiful beaches which making tourists come there want to back someday. Read more
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