1. Bana Hill

As one of the leading resorts in Da Nang, owning the space and new architecture, coming to Ba Na Hill, you will discover not only interesting things in the mountain cable car system, but also the heaven in the earth.

Owning one of old-class modernest amusement parks, with dozens of games from gentle, funny for the kids to the game requiring adventure and challenge. You also get lost in the French village area, admire the romantic beauty of hundreds of flowers blooming before the unique look of the creature. Feast on top cuisine with the chemistry of the Eurasian culture brings a touch of fun for visitors.



Marble Mountain (Relics Ngu Hanh Son) is the second destination that tourists should visit. Discovering the unique culture festival holding in Marble holding on 19/2 anually( Lunar calender) or visit the unique architecture retained. You can also enjoy the embellishment, combination of the ancient Cham and Vietnamese people in Ngu Hanh Son mountain go along with  caves filled with mystery.

You also get lost in the world of architecture stone sculpture in Non Nuoc stone village in Ngu Hanh Son This is one of the familiar destination of foreign tourists and those who interested in sculpture art. Associated with the history and development of traditional craft villages in Vietnam, visit Ngu Hanh Son and choose a sourvenir for yourself will be a perfect idea.


Swimming and  joining the exciting marine activities on the season from April to July you will not only be immersed in the clear blue sea known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but also participate in many activities serving for for the festival season.

Drop into the music gently when lying on the sea and take part in the crowded air every sunset will be a great thing there.



Owning a location in Son Tra peninsula  and embracing the sea. Linh Ung Bai But is one of the  pilgrimage place favorited by many visitors in holidays or in new year’s day

Pilgrimaging and praying for good things and enjoy the unique beauty of the architecture in Linh Ung will make your soul become fresh and peaceful.



As a city owning many unique and beautiful bridge, Danang will lead you to the appealling streets when seeing the unique and strange architecture in these great bridges.

Dragon Bridge with firing and water spraying feature, especially on 9 pm every saturday and sunday. Han river bridge is the unique swing-bridge in  Vietnam used as a trade route in past. Curently, it is considered as a attractive attraction because of its unique.
Danang also has many beautiful bridges such as Tran Thi Ly, Thuan Phuoc bridge, Love bridge…


As one of the biggest wheel in the world, sun wheel uses a rotating turbine containing about 6 people, You will pay 50,000 per person per turn. It will be a place that you should not miss in this 2015. Besides, you wwill have chance to take part in many kind of games as well as enjoy food from diferent countries.

Try a new feeling when you are immersed into the romantic nature of Danang under hundreds of dim, twinkle light.



Also known as Monkey Mountain, Son Tra Peninsula is one of the few remaining places where you can find Red Shanked Douc Langur listed on the Red List that need to be preserved in Vietnam. Visit the Son Tra Peninsula, you can enjoy comfort space, or you also can admire the romantic beauty of nature paintings, majestic mountains and forests.

Try riding the bike to the mountain visit interseting destination in  such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Bai But, Ban Co Peak, …and more important, you can see the full view of Danang as well as the beauty of long beaches under the fog in your own eyes.



This is the pas connecting the trade route betweenHuế and Đà Nẵng , adventure space with great scenery is all about there
From the high sky, you can see the beauty of Lang Co Bay, one of the most beautiful sea route in the world. You can also relax at best beach resorts in Da Nang. It sounds very stunning, doesn’t it?



Visit the city and enjoy the most quiet places where you can back to its glorious history and traces recorded in the history of the nation.


Hoa streams, Mo springs, Hoa Phu Thanh springs, Well God, … is the final location in your trip to Danang that you should not miss in summer. Spring bathing or participate in risky waterfall game with many experiences. It just take you a day to come to these destinations to be able to feel most interesting points  of your travel.

Enjoy the comfort with the most amazing destinations in Da Nang and do not forget to choose the leading service resorts in the best hotels in Da Nang system to have a memorable vacation.


Coming to there, you will be admidred by the colorful painting paited in the wall of each house. They are vary beautiful anh interesting. It can be sure that you will bring back many sastified photos in different styles.


Forget all about the busy daily life to come to Ha Trung lake and enjoy the beautiful, romantic and beacfull view here. You will feel as you are coming back to the village of Vietnam, where you soul is fresh and the air is pure.


There is no wword that can express all about the bauty of Cham island. Coming to here, to cannot forget the image of streets comes across the blue sea channel, the green forest that you can see the monkeys climbing on the street side. The sunrise and sunset in Cham island are things that will leave in your minhd for a long time. In Cham island, you can join many activities such as: diving, eating seafood…


This is a place suitable for a friend group wqanting o camping together, this will be very full. The view here is also very peaceful.


20km away from Danang center, Ghenh rapid is one of few tourist attractions that still keep its own original naural beauty. It is not too noisy and crowded, especially, it has not been known by many tourism company so that you can enjoy the peace here




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