Vietnamese street food: 15 must-try dishes for less than 0.5 USD

Street food has become an indispensable part of food lovers’ lives. It is delicious flavors and reasonable prices that make street food be a favorite choice of many people. You can be full with a dish of “banh gio” – Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling, “bo bia” – Vietnamese popiah or “xap xap” – a unique salad […]

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Cave festival to kick off in Quang Binh-Vietnam Tour

  Quang Binh Cave Festival 2017, kicking off on June 17 and running until June 25, features various art, sport, and tourism activities, such as Quang Binh cave discovery, parades and an EDM Beach Party. Kayaking inside the Thuy Cung Cave Other interesting activities involve inauguration of tourism routes, destinations, accommodation establishments and new services […]


Continue Vietnam Visa Exemption for 5 Western European Countries

Western European tourists has been considered to visit Vietnam Fluently in recent years. Accordingly, at the regular meeting on 3 June, the Government agreed to enforce the visa exemption policy for visitors from five Western European countries Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy that are from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 if they […]


The Real Madrid Star, Cristiano Ronaldo are mesmerized by the beauty of Danang, Vietnam

Da Nang appeals to tourists with awesome spaces in the mountain, under the sea or even in the forest and international quality of services in hotels and resorts. Maybe because it has a number of similar characteristics to the hometown of Portugal Sports Star- Cristiano Ronaldo so he very likes it. Not only that, He […]


Interesting gastronomy: Vietnamese loves snails

Oysters, lobsters, sushi and snails; all now “posh” and expensive elements of global food culture. They were, however, once all considered to be the food of the lower-classes for a Vietnam tour. In fact, oysters were so plentiful during the European colonization of the Americas that their crushed shells were a common component in brick […]


What souvenirs to buy on travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam –Hanoi Fairtours

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has long been the most impressive tourist attraction all over the world. Visitors come here to have deep insight on culture, people, and the beauty of scenic landscapes… Every time end of the trip, they always tend to think about what to buy so that those souvenirs might be the […]


10 best street dishes foreigners must try for each travelling time to Vietnam

There are series of reasons to motivate tourists to travel in Vietnam and Vietnamese Cuisine is exactly one of typical one. Not only delicious, but also Vietnamese food, especially street food is so very creative that you can reserve one private tour to explore them when travelling in Vietnam. The 10 following dishes make tourists […]


3 useful tips for foreigners to take part in traffic in Vietnam-Hanoi Fairtours

Traffic in VietNam, especially in some famous big cities like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh is always in traffic congestion status. Almost Vietnamese people seem be accustomed to traffic congestion, even miss it whenever they go to other places. Vietnam travel guide will give some necessary tips so that you can take part in […]


Vietjet to launch Hanoi – Yangon flights at only $9/person

  Flights from Vietnam’s capital to Myanmar’s tourism city to begin on August 31. Low-cost carrier Vietjet Air will officially launch a new route connecting Hanoi and Yangon, the famous tourism city in Myanmar, on August 31, the Vietnam News Agency reports. (Ho Chi Minh City, May 13, 2017) – Vietjet today announces its new international […]


10 reasons why tourists are attracted to Viet Nam

Delicious street food, friendly locals, pristine sandy beaches, or beautiful natural scenery, there are so many reasons that a tour of Vietnam attracts the world-wide travellers. Here are ten of the reasons why Vietnam tourism is so popular across the world. Friendly locals Vietnam is well appreciated for the hospitality and friendliness of its people. […]