Traffic in VietNam, especially in some famous big cities like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh is always in traffic congestion status. Almost Vietnamese people seem be accustomed to traffic congestion, even miss it whenever they go to other places. Vietnam travel guide will give some necessary tips so that you can take part in traffic in security Viet Nam.

Do careful motorcycle-taxi


Motorcycle-taxi trip is extremely common in Vietnam. They are no need for certification or training to become a motorcycle-taxi driver, anyone with a motorbike can use it for this job. Therefore, many drivers are deceitful and they have so many scams to use.

The most popular one is “go first, money later. It’s cheaper compared to taxi”, and after the trip, they offer a very high fee, sometimes even higher than a taxi trip. Their reason is high petrol cost. But comparing with the price they offer, petrol cost is so much lower. Like illegal taxi drivers, they usually go around to raise the fee. And in some small town, drivers even take tourists to some uncommon places and threaten guests to give them money and belongings. To protect yourselves, trust your gut and stay away from dubious motorcycle-taxi service, especially when you are by yourself or traveling late at night.

Be careful when crossing the road


One of the travelers visits Vietnam at the group tour. He said that this was “one of the wonders of the world”, it is like a ballet dance for the actors who control millions of vehicles. He impressed on the flow of people traveling on the road , about how they wriggle dexterity to move on crowded roads.

Most of the big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City circulation of vehicles are very crowded, but did not follow a rule at all. Therefore, the foreign tourists often confused when not know how to cross the road. If they cross the road, foreign tourists must move with steady pace, concentrating on your way and not be hesitant or halt when the car ran towards you.

 Beware of taxi scams.
tải xuống

Taxi rates are very reasonable in Vietnam, as long as you get a reputable company and the meter is used. Normally, the largest and most reliable taxi companies such as Mai Linh or Vinasun have meters that start automatically after the car move about 5 m. Always choose your taxi carefully, because scams are everywhere, targeting especially foreign tourists.

In general, be cautious when hiring a taxi in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or any other big cities. Looking for taxis on which the warden wears some particular uniforms. For example, Mai Linh wardens wear green outfit while Vinasun wardens wear dark green shirt with maroon tie. Besides, also be aware of the taxis resembling those of well-known companies. A lot of scammers copy the famous names and turn them into something like Mei Linh or Mai Lin instead of Mai Linh. These companies charge incredibly high fares, and they might steal your belongings as well.

Whenever you enter a cab, make sure the meter is on. A suspicious driver would start driving without turning on the meter. He might then demand an unreasonable fare at a location where it is impossible to hire another cab. Another signal to look for is the license of the driver. Do not trust any driver who fails to present a license.